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Welcome to the Moss Factory Website.

This site was created to give information on care and cultivation of Moss balls, mini bonsai and kusamono plantings.

I hope it also inspires gardeners of all interests and levels of accomplishment to see the creative possibilities in plant material and the everyday joys that come from designing and caring for small growing things.

The world of formally trained full sized bonsai is a global community that I'm happy to be a part of, but for many people it can be a bit intimidating. There are rules of design and traditonal horticultural practices that require a lot of time and devotion to master. I believe that people can enjoy the artistry of bonsai and the pleasures of gardening on many levels, and my business, Moss Factory is built around that premise.


'China Doll" Radermachera Sinica


The world we live in often seems crowded, noisy and overwhelming. Caring for living things offers a daily opportunity, not to escape the hectic world, but to experience a different aspect of life; a calm place where creativity can flourish.

The design of the bonsai, kusamomo and moss plantings you create or buy is entirely up to you. They can project a mood of calm contemplation or complete silliness - you're the artist.

Working with plant design brings other opportunities too. Choosing the pots, dishes and trays used in this art is a pleasurable thing in its own right.

Although these activities may seem solitary, they actually bring many more opportunities for new relationships with growers and sellers of plants and with ceramic artists and vendors as well as with your fellow enthusiasts around the world.


The people you meet on this journey may be quite different from your usual acquaintances.

Now let me get up on my soap box. Beauty is not a trivial thing to be barely noticed in our rush through life. It's a profound and universal principle. Contact with beauty can add a whole new dimension of happiness to your life and a new appreciation of the small treasures of the natural world.

So welcome to the adventure and happy growing!

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